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How to prepare a floor clock to be moved.

Care should be taken whenever you move your clock to ensure that all accessory parts such as pendulum, weights, etc. are removed and packed properly to prevent damage. Use cotton gloves or a soft cloth when handling the pendulum or weights.

  1. For clocks with a cable driven movement, insert foam blocks above the cable pulleys and wind the weights up fully. The foam blocks are intended to retain tension on the cables once the weights are removed.  Be sure you wind the weights all the way up.
  2. For clocks with chains, use a long wire or string and put it through the chain links just below the chain sprocket. When done properly, the wire or string should go through six chain links. Secure the wire or string to prevent the chains from coming loose from the sprocket.
  3. Carefully stop the pendulum from swinging.
  4. Remove the weights. NEVER wind the clock without the weights installed. For clocks with chains, secure the chains so that they do not damage the finish.
  5. Remove the pendulum
  6. For tubular movements, remove the tubes
  7. Keep the clock in an upright position while carefully moving it to its new location.
  8. Set the clock up per the original set-up instructions. Ensure that the pulleys are properly located on the cables and the chains are properly located on the sprockets.

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It's always recommended to contact and hire a professional furniture moving company for proper service. Local moving companies may be found online.

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